Supplying sour raisins (golden and date)

Sultana raisin or acid raisin is one of the highest quality and best-selling exportable raisins of Iran

Aftabi (Sun-dried) raisin Producer

Buying sun-dried raisins with a mild sweet taste that you can buy from Iranian vineyards

Supplying grape raisins (Californian)

The export of golden raisins is one of the highest quality raisins that you can buy from Iran at a reasonable price

سیادن لوگو

Import and export of raisins to all countries

Tizabi (Sultana) raisin Producer

Raisin export products include golden, green, sunny and sour, all of which are grown in completely standard conditions, and Siadan has the ability to provide the best raisins in Iran.

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شرکت سیادن

A Wholesale raisin producer

To buy raisins and place an order, send us the details of the raisins you need

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Learn more about Siyaden

Siyaden company is one of the largest producers of quality raisins and dates in Iran, which after years of success in capturing a major part of the Iranian market, has decided to export its products to Russia. Siyaden’s export products include varieties of dates (Mozafati, Kloteh, Kabkab, Rabi and Zahedi) and varieties of raisins (golden, green, sunny and sour), all of which are grown in completely standard conditions and has the ability to provide the best products.


Easy export of raisins to Russia

If you want to export large bulk of raisin to Russia as a merchant, you should have complete and larger information about the process of exporting it.

There are many merchants who export vast bulk of raisin to other countries, besides Russia is a country, which consumes vast volume of this good and Siyaden company supplies vast amount of raisin market demand in this country

 For raisin export you must get acquainted with its stages truly, so you can refer to our website for consulting and getting more information about the way of exportation to Russia.








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