Green raisins are one of the types of export foods that have many properties and a large amount of which is exported to Russia. In general, you should know that this food has many advantages and its green type has more properties than other samples.

Since this sample is dried in the shade of the sun and no material is produced for its production, you should know that it has all the properties of grapes. Many traders and merchants who want to make a big profit from the sale of this food choose the green sample for export.

Russia orders large quantities of this unique food every year for traders to export to Russia. We will introduce the production method and its properties below so that you can have more information in this field.

How to prepare green raisins:

To produce green raisins, each type of grape is placed in a cool stream of air. The only heat on them should be sunlight.

Of course, you can also dry it without sunlight using only airflow. If you want to dry it at home, it is better to choose a place in the shade of the sun and put grapes in that place.

Its pollution-free nature is one of its most important features, which has greatly increased the number of Russian customers of this food.

Most of the vitamins in grapes are well preserved using this method and only they have less moisture than grapes.

To produce green raisins in large quantities, you have to place the grapes in a large environment and hang them next to each other with some distance.

Hanging grapes speeds up their drying. Of course, some growers remove large volumes of it from the stem and spread it on the floor to dry with air flow.

کشمش سبز چگونه تهیه می شود و خواص آن چیست؟

Properties of green raisins:

Some of the most important and main properties that green raisins have and you should be aware of are:

  1. Weakness and fatigue of the body can be eliminated by using this food in general. You can also control stress to a great extent and eliminate it well. The high calorie content of this food is one of its most important and main features that eliminates fatigue.
  2. Since this food contains fructose, they have a great effect on weight loss. You can feel full quickly by craving it, and this will prevent your false appetite. Therefore, those people who are looking for the best food for weight loss can choose this food.
  3. There are many minerals such as calcium in green raisins, which helps you to prevent osteoporosis to a great extent. There is also a lot of vitamin D in this food that you can use to make your bones much stronger.

. Men who have sexual problems and are looking for one of the best ways to treat their erections can use this food. There is a lot of amino acid in this food that stimulates sex hormones.


  1. Green raisins are rich in a substance called catechins. This substance plays an important role in the prevention and prevention of cancer that you can make the most of. You should also know that since there is a lot of fiber in this food, it can help a lot to excrete bile in your body.
  2. To lower your blood pressure, you need to know that this food is one of the best options you can have. The tension in the blood vessels is greatly reduced by using this food.
  3. With this food, you can strengthen your digestive system in the best possible way. Your intestinal diseases will be completely eliminated by using this food.
  4. To prevent heart disease, you should also know that the use of green raisins is recommended. Your blood vessels in your heart will work best with this food and will have a better function that you can use on a daily basis.
کشمش سبز چگونه تهیه می شود و خواص آن چیست؟

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