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Export of raisins

Raisins are actually grapes that are dried in the sun or dried and prepared for cooking or as a snack. Raisins are rich in iron, potassium, calcium and B vitamins and contain It has antioxidant properties and prevents cell destruction.

Raisins to treat bloating, strengthen oral health, treat anemia, prevent acidity, help improve bone health, increase fertility, improve skin health, improve hair health, improve good sleep, help control cholesterol levels, help It is used to lower blood pressure, help gain healthy weight, help control diabetes, and so on.

Raisin export is one of the strongest exports in Iran and with huge resources of grape vineyards in Iran, this industry is very strong.

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Export of dates

Dates are an edible fruit that has a thin skin and sweet and soft flesh that grow in tropical and southern regions of Iran and on palms, and each date contains approximately 20 calories, which is quite good nutrition for energy.

Dates have various properties such as treating constipation, improving heart health, helping to regulate cholesterol, improving bone health, regulating blood pressure, and so on.

Iran, with its very suitable geographical location for the cultivation of date palms and rotb, has become one of the important poles for the cultivation and planting of this product, and despite the first-class quality of Iranian dates, this hot-saturated fruit has many fans.