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Start of exporting raisins from Iran

Start of raisins export from Iran Siyaden Company has started its work in May 2010 by processing high quality raisins with the latest classification machines from Takestan city of Qazvin province in Iran. And today with a smart look at the domestic capital market and international business markets, it has started the extensive export of first class raisins and dates to neighboring countries of Iran, the Persian Gulf , Eastern Europe and the Middle East and today it has a significant share of export market of these two products
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Siyaden intends to become the largest supplier pf raisins and dates in the region by supplying raisins and dates requested in international markets in a timely and extensive manner, and from the point of view of the company`s beneficiaries the company becomes the best company for the productions ,supply and export of raisins and dates nationally and internationally
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We are proud that we have been able to cooperate with big Russian brands and traders and be trusted by international companies in this direction.

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Acquisition of international certificates of raisins quality, export packaging certificate and standard transportation certificate which we have obtained with the increasing and comprehensive efforts of the managers and staff of Siyaden Company in providing the best possible export of nuts to international markets

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